How a Root Canal Can Help Relieve Pain

The pulp of the tooth has blood vessels and nerves that can be damaged or infected. This infection or damage could cause tremendous pain, and possibly other oral health problems if left unchecked. Here at Olim and Associates in Katy, TX, one of the solutions our dentists, Marvin Olim and Dr. Sarah Olim, use to save a severely decayed or infected tooth is root canal treatment. This not only saves the tooth but also gradually eases the pain and discomfort.

How Pain is Eased Through Root Canal Therapy

The procedure of easing pain through root canal therapy begins with a proper diagnosis of the tooth. This starts with discussing with your dentist the symptoms you’re experiencing. It is followed by dental examination, x-rays, and other tests performed to establish the exact condition of your mouth.

Root canal therapy will be done if there is pulpitis or irreversible inflammation of the pulp or it is necrotic or dying. In both conditions, the nerves and blood vessels of the tooth have virtually lost their functions.

To ease your pain during the procedure, local anesthesia will be applied. Your dentist in Katy, TX, will then create a tiny access hole on the affected tooth. This allows your dentist to reach the chamber where the pulp and root canals are. The contents of the pulp can then be removed and the affected tooth irrigated with an antimicrobial solution to prevent infection.

The pulp chamber and canals will be widened and shaped to facilitate proper cleaning of the tooth. Intermittent irrigation will be done until the cleaning and shaping are completed. The chamber will then be filled with a warm soft rubber material and sealer. After a proper seal is achieved, a temporary filling will be placed.

Your bite will likewise be checked to see if any adjustments are necessary. Your dentist can assess whether the affected tooth would need additional protection like the installation of a dental crown, which will be done on a separate appointment.

The Importance of Root Canal Treatment

Essentially, this dental procedure allows for the easing of pain while saving the tooth structure. It gives dentists a way of removing an infected or decayed pulp to relieve pain and allow the restoration of normal tooth function by repairing and enforcing it. An infection of the pulp can easily spread if not treated properly, resulting in other oral health problems. Aside from decay, dental trauma can also be treated by root canal therapy.

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