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A children’s dentist, also known as a pediatric dentist, focuses specifically on oral hygiene and health for infants, small children, and teenagers. Pediatric dentists are primarily concerned with caring for deciduous, or baby, teeth, because they promote effective chewing habits, allow for proper speech and act as placeholders for permanent teeth, which grow in later in life.

Why Children Should See Their Katy, TX Children's Dentist Regularly

Oral Health Education

A pediatric dentist uses computer software, physical models, and language children understand to emphasize the importance of maintaining strong and healthy teeth. They consult with parents about daily hygiene routines, trauma prevention, disease prevention and healthy eating habits so they can guide their children at home in between dental visits.

Monitor Growth of Teeth

Our Katy, TX children's dentist will track the growth and development of your child's teeth allowing for early intervention at the first signs of any problems. Adolescent dental care often involves corrective treatments that improve self-image and builds self-esteem in young patients.

Disease Prevention

Helping a child adopt healthy eating and oral hygiene habits is the most effective way to avoid tooth decay later in life. A pediatric dentist offers health screening and tooth cleaning services that may include applying fluoride or sealants to the surface of teeth, advising parents on how to get their child to stop sucking on pacifiers or thumbs and demonstrating the proper techniques for brushing and flossing teeth.


Some children may need early intervention to correct certain oral health problems. The insertion of space maintainers, wearing a mouth guard at night or reconstructive surgery may be necessary to treat grinding of the teeth, a malocclusion or an oral injury.

Our experienced team does everything possible to ease the anxiety of young patients beginning with the very first dental visit.

Early Pediatric Dental Care is Important

It is best for parents to introduce children to regular dental appointments at an early age because oral health has an effect on overall health and children who regard these visits as routine are more likely to continue seeing a dentist when they grow up. Experts recommend taking a child to the dentist for the first time before the first birthday. Adopting a good oral health routine early will pay off in the future and will reduce anxiety in the child during early dental visits.

Our office has a pleasant environment with a relaxing atmosphere, which helps to set your child at ease from the moment of arrival. Our Katy dentists will take the time to explain all procedures, how they are done and what the results will be. This is known as the "Tell-Show-Do" method and is an effective way to help children understand what is going on during the visit.

Visiting a dental professional at a young age is beneficial for many reasons but among the most important is the opportunity for the dentist to detect any developing issues at an early stage while they are still treatable. We work with our young patients learn proper brushing techniques, which are helpful because they can eliminate the risk of developing serious oral health problems when the child grows up.

Looking for a gentle, caring dentist for your child? Our Katy, TX children's dentists provide high quality care in a calm, relaxing environment. Call Olim and Associates in Katy, TX today at (281) 492-6546 to schedule a visit or use the button below to request an appointment!


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